was first released 1999. I had been looking for a site where you can listen to good soul music, but the only thing I found was some 60′s-northern sites. Where could you find good 90′s soul? Nowhere until was released.

I added some of my favorite soulful tunes (1000+) from 1990 until 2007 (when I didn’t have the time to work with the site). I added 2 minute snippets of each song in Real Audio format (haha, I couldn’t believe in 1999 that mp3 would be big on the net).

Me and my friend Magnus started in the 90’s to make our top list of the best records released each year, so I have published my favorite 20 soul songs for each year, you can find them here.

Now in 2010 it feels like Real Audio and snippets been dead for, well at least five years, so I have updated the site, removed the snippets but kept list of all songs that I have published (you can find them here).

I still love slick 90′s soul, soulful house and hard R&B so hopefully I will continue with the site one day and start add new songs. In the mean time, you can listen to the Spotify playlist or listen to my favorite Calypso/Dancehall/Disco/House/Northern/modern soul/R&B/Rap/Reggae/Ska/Rocksteady & soul at my blog


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